Treat yourself and your favourite ones with an authentic Indian brunch in our Gandhi. A warm welcome to countless genuine recipes.

Feel free to try as many dishes as you’d like, always two at the time, for 5.490 kr.
You can also chose an option with boundless drinks for 6.990 kr.

Let’s begin! – चलो शु कर

Dal Shorba (V)(GF)

Mashed lentil soup with a crunchy roasted papad.

Masala Papad (V)(GF)

Crispy lentil wafers with Indian tangy, onion, chili, cashew nuts salad on top.

Samudri Khajana (GF)

Kerala style seafood soup with coconut milk, turmeric, black pepper. Served with a roasted papad.

Gobi Pakora (V)(GF)

Cauliflower fritters. The classic is served with mango chutney.

Indian Royal Cuisine – मुगलई ंजन

Muglai Keema Paratha

Crispy, flaky, paratha stuffed spicy lamb keema with hot garlic chutney.

Mini Jhinga Biryani (GF)

Rice cooked with prawns and spices. Served with a cucumber and onion raita.

Tangri Kabab (GF)

Tandoori grilled chicken leg with tangy, onion, chili, cashew nut salad, and mint chutney.

Chole Masala (V)(GF)

The classic chickpea curry. Served with paratha.

Chicken Biryani (GF)

A mixed dish with rice, chicken and spices. Served with cucumber and onion raita.

Indian Street Food – भारतीय ट फू ड

Patiala Samosa (V)

Indian puff pastry stuffed with potato and green peas filling. Served with mint chutney and raw onion salad.

Tofu Tikka Masala (V)(GF)

Charcoal grilled tofu in tomato and paprika curry. Served with roti.

Lamb Kathi Roll

Lamb and vegetables stuffed in Indian pan bread, with mustard and chili chutney.

Machi Kadahi (GF)

Pan-grilled catch of the day marinated in ginger, garlic, chili paste and a touch of lemon. Served with salad and potato chips.

Parippu Vada (V)(GF)

Authentic south Indian lentil fritters with green chili chutney.

Sweets – मठा

Gulab Jamun

Milk dumplings in a cardamom syrup

Kheer (V)

Indian rice pudding.

Drinks – पेय

Tosti Prosecco
Villa Lucia Pinot Grigio
Cote Mas Rouge Syrah
Fiero Tonic
Spiced Grape Punch

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