1. Poppadoms 1.200 kr.

Crispy lentil wafers flavored with mild spices, served with chutney.

2. Onion pakoda 1.600 kr.

Deep fried onion with crispy batter and spices.

3. Lentil soup 1.500 kr.

Creamy mashed lentils with Indian spices.

4. Kabuli chana chat 1.700 kr.

Chicken Peas, onion, tomato, fresh coriander leaves with Indian savory dressing, served on poppadoms.

5. Mushroom fry 1.600 kr.

Deep fried mushroom with crispy batter and spices.

6. Tandoori paneer shashlik 1.700 kr.

Tandoori marinated cottage cheese, paprika and onion, grilled in tandoori oven.


10. Aloo paneer koftha 3.200 kr.

Potato and paneer balls cooked in creamy yellow gravy.

11. Palak Paneer 3.200 kr.

Spinach and cottage cheese with chili, onions, cumin, tomatoes and coriander.

12. Chana Masala 3.100 kr.

Chicken peas with blended Indian spices, onion and tomatoes.

13. Paneer Tikka Masala 3.200 kr.

Tandoori grilled paneer, paprika, onion and tomato. Cooked in onion/tomato gravy.

14. Vegetable Jal Frezi 3.450 kr.

Mixed vegetabels cooked in mild sauce.

15. Tadka Dal 2.900 kr.

Lentils cooked and tempered with cumin, coriander leaves and green chili.

Sea food

20. Goan fish curry 3.400 kr.

Fish curry. Fish made in this style is tangy and spicy

21. Grilled seafood platter 4.250 kr.

Pan grilled fish, lobster, calamari and prawns marinated in Indian spices, served with fresh salad and rice.

22. Prawn kizhi 4.500 kr.

Spicy Tiger prawns, onion and tomato. Wrapped in banana leaves, served with house salad.

23. Prawns mango curry 4.250 kr.

Tiger prawns cooked in Indian spices, fresh mango, finished with coconut milk.

Meat courses

30. Kadai chicken 3.800 kr.

Chicken in onion and tomato gravy. Flavoured with whole coriander and red chili flakes.

31. Chicken Xacuti 3.800 kr.

Chicken prepared with poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and dried red chilies.

32. Butter Chicken 4.100 kr.

Tandoori baked chicken with tomato and cashew gravy.

33. Chicken Tikka Masala 4.100 kr.

Tandoori grilled chicken, paprika, onion and tomato cooked in onion/tomato gravy. Cooked in onion/tomato gravy.

34. Lamb Sag 4.600 kr.

Lamb cooked in spinach sauce with turmeric and cumin.

35. Mutton hundi biriani 4.500 kr.

Basmati rice cooked with lamb malabar spices and baked in a traditional Indian style.

From the tandoori oven

50. Tandoori chicken 4.100 kr.

Chicken marinated in Tandoori masala and cumin, coriander and chili.

51. Lesooni murg 4.200 kr.

Chicken breast marinated in chili-cashew paste, ginger and garlic, grilled in Tandoori oven.

52. Tandoori lamb Tikka 4.600 kr.

Lamb Tikka in garam masala with pepper, lime and coriander.

53. Tandoori rack of lamb 4.600 kr.

Tandoori lamb flavoured with ginger, garlic and black pepper, served with mint sauce.

54. Peshwari fish Tikka 4.200 kr.

Salmon cubes mixed with garlic, cashew paste and kewra water, served with curry sauce.

55. Tandoori grilled platter 4.900 kr.

A combination from the Tandoori oven; fish, chicken and lamb, served with rice and salad.

56. Herbal salmon 4.200 kr.

Marinated samlon in herbs and ground spices. Grilled in a clay pot oven served with rice and salad. Grilled in a clay pot oven served with rice and salad.

How spicy?

Mild, Medium or Hot


Mango Chutney 500 kr.
Mango Pickle 500 kr.
Raita 500 kr.
Roti bread 590 kr.
Pulao rice 800 kr.
Banana lassi 690 kr.
Indian masala tea 600 kr.


We serve variants of drinks: cold drinks, beer, wine, coctails and other alchol drinks.

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